Have A Taste Of the Best Caribbean Food

Zest and irresistible aroma are what characterize St Lucia’s cuisine. The cookery in this island is commonly called as Creole.

Creole is a mix of European, Amerindian, African, and Indian cuisine. As modern cooks and chef starts to rediscover the exotic flavors of the traditional dishes of St Lucia, the “grandmother’s recipes” that were tucked away for many years have instantly been revived.

St. Lucia’s food festivals – The best food around the Caribbean

These food festivals, a major event in the island, are a real treat for everyone, locals and visitors alike. This is an occasion where spices, seafood, and other great dishes are being showcased and shared. Often, the Caribbean rum or Piton beer is served along with the foodstuffs to add merriment and more tang.

Moreover, you can dine in elegant hotels or roadside caf├ęs in the area but your St Lucia holiday will never be complete if you will not sample any of the local cuisine and drinks.

You can experience these unique food festivals by going to the fishing villages of St Lucia. Whatever day or season you spend your vacation in this island, you will not miss this event since this takes place every week.

Here is the typical schedule for some of the seafood food festivals:

1. Fish festival at Dennery – this is held every Saturday or Sunday.

2. Seafood Friday at Anse la Raye – needless to say, this food festival is held every Friday.

In all of these occasions, tourists and natives can split the catch for the day. Otherwise, they can just feast on lobster, squid, crab, octopus, or shrimp. The beat of the local band will make the dining under the stars even more pleasurable.

Other food festivals:

1. Street parties at Gros Islet in Rodney Bay – catch the party every Friday and enjoy barbecued chicken, pork, and seafood. The dancing and rum never stop until the sun is about to rise, except on Lent season.

2. International Food Fair – this is the food event where all the local food products along with international cuisines are being showcased. Expert chefs are also present to grace the event and demonstrate their amazing cooking skills.

A taste of St Lucia traditional dishes

On your St Lucia holiday, you will discover many interesting facts about the island’s cuisine like:

1. Salt fish served with green fig (green banana) is the island’s traditional dish.

2. Cassava bread is a staple and always served in abundance with callalloo and pumpkin soups.

3. Pepper pot is a local’s favorite stew. The stew is a meat simmered in cassava juice with hot peppers and vegetables.

4. Ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon are the spices often used to create many St Lucian flavorful dishes.

5. The appetizing Creole sauce is made from the mixture of celery, onion, and pepper. The sauce uses tomato as base and seasoning is added to further enhance the taste.

Finally, have a taste of the popular St Lucian sweets and desserts such as coconut sugar cakes and tamarind balls. Fruits like mango, passion fruit, and papaya are also considered as juicy desserts that will complete your meal as well as your St Lucia holidays.