Caribbean Foods

Could it be the combination of African, Amerindian, French, East Indian, and Spanish styles of cooking? Yes, it could be a great possibilities. Why? If we are going to trace back the time, the islands have been fought over and owned by various European powers – mainly the British, French, and Spanish. All of these cultures, as well as their respective culinary traditions, have played a role in forming the multiple national cuisine of the Caribbean. Caribbean dining can be a feast of any number of signature dishes. Every traditional dish is rich with blend of spices that traditional Caribbean foods are famous for. Cuisines are mainly hot with the use of herbs and spices.

To name popular traditional dishes in Caribbean they are the following:

Jerk Chicken or Pork
Rice and Beans
Goat Water Stew
Cook – up or Pelau

Mentioned foods above are frequently present in every Caribbean holidays, festivals and special family gatherings. Most of their foods are nutritious and always leaves an impression as one of the scrumptious dishes anyone could taste for. Food in the islands charms every tourist who visits the place. What makes it good among the people is that Caribbean recipes has influence other countries.

That is why many top chefs visit the place and experience the taste of Caribbean cuisines. In addition, the islands also offer finest restaurants that serves inexpensive foods and wines towards local residents and the visitors. Although it is difficult to generalize about Caribbean cuisine, it remains exquisite. Traditionally, Caribbean is very much unique among all cultures because of the diversity of the culture that influenced the people in Caribbean. In the end, you will know that Caribbean cuisine is food of the gods.